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Mexico | 2020 | DCP | Color | Spanish | 6 min | Adriana López Garibay

Director / Director: Adriana López Garibay

Guión / Screenplay: Adriana López Garibay

Productor / Producer: Adriana López Garibay

Edición / Editing: Adriana López Garibay

Sonido / Sound: Adriana López Garibay

Musica / Music: Adriana López Garibay

Reparto / Cast: Adriana López Garibay

Sinopsis / Synopsis:

This documentary is the record of an introspective journey by the director  where she reflects on the consequences that sexual violence generates in a sexist  world.

Biografía / Biography:

Adriana López Garibay is an emerging Mexican audiovisual director, producer  and photographer. She has worked as a producer on the feature film “Niebla de Culpa” and  on the segment “El sexto sol” of the feature film “Aztech”, she has also been a video editor  for director Rubén Rojo Aura and a teacher at Arte 7.  

Her personal work is focused on women, experimentation and archival material. His  personal projects have been presented internationally in Festivals such as "Festival  Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano", "Proceso de Error", "Oftálmica", "Ultra  cinema", “Enegrama, Festival del Cine Experimental", "CODEC", “Pleasure Dome”, “Unseen  Festival”, “L'Alternativa, Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona” among others. Now is  the development of his debut.  

She has been a Finalist for the TAI 2019 Scholarship. She has been in residencies and  laboratories such as Lab Proceso de Error, ACAMPADOC, DocsMx and a Casa Comal  scholarship at the Ibero-American Meeting of Emerging Filmmakers.

Festivales / Festivals:

AcampaDOC International Documentary Festival - 2020, France.

Mientras tanto Cine, 2021, Uruguay

Contacto / Contact:


LUNES 4 | CINEMEX REFORMA 222 | 19:30 HRS. | 59 MIN